Due diligence is hard just got easier.

Join the next due diligence sprint and let us guide you through the process and help you stand out from the crowd with data rooms that do the convincing for you.

Live Cohort for Founders
September 18-October 10

A strong data room can make or break an investor negotiation. Give your startup the best shot at success by presenting the right information at the right time.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You feel overwhelmed by the thought of going through due diligence and putting together a data room.
  • You worry that your documentation will make a bad impression on potential investors.
  • You don't know if it is enough to use Google Drive for your data room or if you need dedicated software.
  • You feel like you will come across as unprofessional by not knowing the right terminology.
  • You are stressed about the time and energy you will have to dedicate to hunting down documents.
  • You can't find reliable information on what documents to present.

If so, the sprint will get you sorted and ready to focus on onboarding your new investors instead of scrambling for obscure documents.

The Sprint was created by startup lawyers. We get you.

Gathering your due diligence documents and setting up a data room feels like yet another hurdle on the path toward raising funds for your startup.

What if due diligence was easy? What if it allowed you to convince the right investors that you are a good bet? What if your data room could persuade on your behalf?

Our due diligence framework will allow you to present a data room that can sway the opinion of your future investors.

Introducing the Sway Method™

A startup due diligence framework

The Sway method guides you through the entire process of creating a narrative, gathering documents, adding them to a data room, and presenting it to potential investors.


Stop feeling freaked out and use the Sprint to take control of your due diligence process by being proactive and deliberate about the information you present.

Set yourself up with a structured data room that tells the story of your startup's past and future logically and convincingly.

Control the narrative
Create a strong and convincing narrative that puts your startup into a favorable context.

Data room strategy
Put into action a data room strategy that is connected to your fundraising goals.

Document requests
Learn how to respond professionally to document requests and investor inquiries.

Follow checklists
Get access to best practice checklists for easy due diligence documentation.

Grasp terminology
Know what you are talking about with the help of handy document explainers.

Ask your questions
Join our office hours and get unstuck by getting your questions answered.

Meet your guide

My name is Janet Alexandersson and I’ve been working as a lawyer for startups like yours for the past 18 years.

My legal practice has centered around contracts, negotiations and creating trustworthy business relationships. I have put all of that knowledge into creating the Sway Method that guides you through your sprint.

I know the worries of getting due diligence right and standing up to investor scrutiny. I created the Sprint to help you transform those worries into confidence.

In the past building a data room and going through due diligence has involved a lot of guesswork for founders. There has not been a method to follow or a trustworthy list of documents to include.

My goal has been to change that so that you can glide through the process and go back to what matters, making your startup achieve its full potential

The Sprint is built to let you tell the story of your startup in a way that gets investors that share your vision for the future excited about your startup.

On-demand sprints

Start your due diligence gathering on your schedule and receive live support as you make your way through the process.

PLUS Weekly Office Hours // Bring your questions and get live feedback on navigating your due diligence and data room process. Learn from experts in commercial and legal due diligence and understand what investors look for.

Sprint logistics

The live cohort runs from September 18 to October 10, 2023.

We recommend that you sign up at least one week in advance to prepare properly and go through the pre-sprint orientation to get the most out of your sprint.

The cost to enroll is $1500 per founder or $3500 for a team of up to three.

This will give you unlimited access to the 4-week live sprint as well as all the on-demand sprint materials and recordings, updates to all resources and invitations to join live Q&As with Janet.

Get founder access
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Scholarships – a select full-ride and pay what you can scholarships exist for founders of color, get in touch to see if you qualify.

How you do anything, is how you do everything. Show your future investors that you are organized, in charge and ready for investment.